2015 Adult Summer Reading Club
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Important Messages
The Adult Summer Reading Club runs from June 23 to August 15.

To participate, register (at a branch or online) and submit reviews (at a branch or online). The patron with the most reviews for the program will win the grand prize

1st Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place: $40 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place: $20 Amazon Gift Card
4th Place: $20 Amazon Gift Card
5th Place: $20 Amazon Gift Card

You can log and review books, movies, and video games – basically anything you get from the library counts! Log entries do not have to be published, but you must complete logs to qualify for prizes.

Happy Reading!
PLEASE NOTE: In order for your reviews to be counted for the weekly and grand prize drawings, please be sure to put a comment or even a character (. # !, etc.) in the Review field and allow the review to be public. No names are attached with the reviews, just item information. Unfortunately, review alerts are not received unless these two tasks are completed, sorry for the trouble.

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