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Important Messages
Welcome to Ocean County Library's
2014 Summer Reading Program!

Spark a Reaction is the Summer Reading Program for
TEENS Ages 12-18.

Registration Begins: June 2
Begin entering your books: June 16

To complete the program and get your certificate,
read or listen to FIVE (5) books and post FIVE (5) reviews.
You can also be entered into a raffle at your branch!

Last day to come in to the library for your certificate: Sept. 5

Last day to enter books for school assignments: Sept. 30

Josephine Angelini
It was a great book! I loved the romance in it and also the twist of modern day Greek mythology. It made the book very interesting to read. Kinda slow at the start but still a good read for teens who like mythology and a good love story.
I Heart You, You Haunt me
Lisa Schroeder
The novel was a bit confusing in the beginning. I don't like how they jumped around. But overall it was a nice book about lost love and moving on. It was very good.
The Fault in our Stars
John Green
I also enjoyed this novel very much. It was kind of sad but it was also a very realistic story. My favorite two quotes: "Some infinites are bigger than other infinites." and "That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt."