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Welcome to Ocean County Library's
2017 Summer Reading Program!

Build a Better World is the Summer Reading Program for
TEENS Ages 12-18

Registration Begins: June 1
Begin entering your books: June 15
To complete the program and get your certificate,
read or listen to FIVE (5) books and record them.

We know that you have summer reading assignments for school BUT you can sign up for the Summer Reading Program and participate in awesome activities.

When you read and submit 5 books, you may receive a ticket to the August 29th BlueClaws baseball game against the West Virginia Power! Ask about other incentives at your local branches.

Last day to come in to the library for your certificate: Sept. 11

Last day to enter books for school assignments: Sept. 30

The Presidenthas been shot
James L. Swanson
The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe
C.S. Lewis
Louis sachar
I love this book. I've also seen the movie and I like that the storyline is the same. Holes is about a boy names Stanley Yelnats who found a famous baseball players shoes but everyone thought he stole them. He was given a choice to go to either jail or camp green lake. Stanley had never been to camp before so he figured why not. He was sentenced to 8 months. When he arrived, it was NOT what he had expected. It was in the middle of nowhere, the only buildings around were a few cabins, showers, a dining hall and the wardens office. Mr. Sir was there to greet him after he arrived to camp. He showed him around, each camper was to dig one hole every day; five feet deep and five feet wide. Stanley met a friend there, his name was Hector Zeroni, but everyone called him "Zero". It was fitting because he never talked. But he talked to Stanley. They decided to escape the horrid camp. They found themselves ending right back at camp. In the end, Stanley's lawyer found him innocent and found that Hectors files were missing so they had him there way over his sentence.