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Important Messages
Sign up at the Ask Us Desk at Summit Library or on the library’s website, and take home a paper reading log.

Write your child’s name on a book and tape it to our summer reading bulletin board.

Read with your child. Reading together is fun and will create life-long memories for the both of you.

Keep track of the titles of the books that you read with your child. You may do so on the paper log, online on the library’s website

For every 10 books you read together, your child can take home a small prize.

If you read 100 books together, stop by the library and show a librarian to receive a milestone sticker. You will receive a milestone sticker for every book you read together until you reach 1000 books

Once you read 1,000 Books together, you may stop at the Ask Us desk for a special certificate.

If you don’t finish reading 1,000 books before the end of the summer, don’t worry! Keep reading together until your child enters Kindergarten

Visit the Ask Us desk and take a smart start pyramid. Complete as many activities together as you’d like. Have your child color in every Smart Start activity that you finish. Bring your pyramid back to the Ask Us desk, and they will take home an extra grab bag prize for every activity that they complete.