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Important Messages
2017 Summer Reading Program for Middle and High School Students entering Grades 6-12

Earn Grand Prize Tickets in Three Ways:
Easy: Read for at least half an hour per day. Cross off all of the days you have read on your reading log, or log your half hour increments online. Stop by the library with your log to receive tickets for the grand prizes

Medium: Fill out a Book Review form online or in person, and take home a ticket for every book review you write.

Challenging:If you have a printed reading log, check out the Bingo Board on the back of the sheet. For every bingo that you make, you get to take home a coupon for either Chipotle in New Providence or Benihana.

For every hour that you read, you get to take home a small prize

For every book review that you write, you get to take home a small prize

If you are entering Grades 6-8 and have written six book reviews, you get to take home two tickets to see a Somerset Patriots baseball game

If you live in Summit, you can stop by in the beginning of August to take home a free pass for the Summit Family Aquatic Center, which can be used at the end of the month.

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